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Back to purple, I mean, school

It's been a crazy summer. Lots of sewing, and iced tea, DVDs and geekery.   I'v earned my last bit of geek cred. J's boyfriend hooked us up on his way to New Jersey last weekend. Yay! Now we need to find a regular group...one that isn't based in Idaho Falls or Albuquerque.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I'm doing with my future.Survey says: in August, I will be heading back to school! I'm going to get my second bachelor's degree, this time in Technical Communication. It should give me some more marketable jobs skills, and I can have a student job while I'm at it. I have most of the base degree requirements, so it won't take too long. It's only a month away!

All the stores are putting out back to school stuff. I saw a bin of post it notes that I wanted to dive into, like Scrooge McDuck and his pool o'money. I put in my hand. Being a grown up is such a burden sometimes. Sigh. Anyways, when Mike and I walk through the store and see all the "dorm room necessities," I get kind of giggly. Maybe I do need a purple mini fridge with a purple toaster next to my bed. The one with the purple sheets, purple comforter, purple curtains, and purple rug. Oh, and maybe a purple husband. :)


So far on my vacation...