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So, school starts soon. And I LOVE school supplies. But I have certain pens that I like, and unfinished notebooks from the last pass at college. So I ripped out that unused paper, bought a folder, and a Wonder Woman notebook that I am making into a day planner. Those are the only bit of school supplies I'll need, right?







Well, Sandy came down for a wedding, and she and Kat bought me a fun little crate of school supplies. I'm pretty sure I squeed. I squeed, right guys? I meant to, in any case. 

Same day, after going to the Mineral Museum, we went to the Tech bookstore. Oooh, look! Backpacks! I need a backpack, right??

 That was Friday. After the wedding, staying the night, and getting even more pumped about going back to school, I ordered a MacBook Pro 13" from the Apple store. Since it's technically a school supply, I blame it on Mike, Sandy and Kat. Thanks guys! You're ace!

We are family