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We are family

So I'm working on this family tree thing for Anthropology. I couldn't for the life of me remember my grandmother's sisters names. So in between sleep and waking...pee breaks, mostly...I start remembering names. Got the great grandparent's names...got Beatrice....wait, doesn't g-ma Bell have another sister? She has long yellow fingernails, shot her husband, did prison time, and puts cilantro in everything. This is how the white board looked when I woke up:

C & E--daughters Bell, Beatrice, Cilantro

I gotta call grandma and tell her! She'll love it, her sisters are crap.  When the doctor asks for family history of health problems, I usually answer, "No history of cancer or anything like that, but there sure are a lot of assholes."

(Added 9 April 2013: Cilantro's name is Gloria!)

New toy for the bear