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Sock flu

I've finally found a sock pattern that doesn't drive me bonkers. What about sock patterns drive me bonkers, you ask?

For me to finish a pair of socks in less than 2 years, the pattern has to be:

1) entertaining

2) no more than 1 inch of ribbing

3) easy to memorize

4) something I can do during class and still pay attention

I found that pattern last fall when I started these socks: 

(missing picture)

I picked that sock back up after needing something to work on in a very snooze-worthy class, and woo! Awesome! After I finished that sock, did I start its mate? No! Of course not! I started the mini mochi socks. And finished a pair in two weeks! 


This kind of project monogamy is unheard of from me. And I've become obsessed with these socks. So I started another pair, in some Colinette Jitterbug Miss Mocha gave me. And I have been drooling over yarn at Loopy Ewe. 

Is this a new strain of the flu? Sock flu? Can I get vaccinated for that? What would a sock vaccination look like?

*Sorry about my lack of pictures.  My CMS is acting up, and I'm too tired to try and figure out what's wrong right now. It's midterms, yo!

Boiled down

Ideas ideas ideas!