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Ideas ideas ideas!

I fell in love with this spinning wheel at the Taos Wool Festival. She is a Kromski Fantasia, and absolutely to die for. Ansley practically had to pry me off the one I saw.

More than that, I fell in love with the idea of the wheel.  It's small, so it doesn't have a large footprint. Easier to take places, and easier to move around the house without dinging it on the wall or door. 

And then I started thinking about stains. Purple stains, in fact. I love the swoopy on the front of the wheel, and the details in the treadle. I don't know if I would use black and purple, or a warm chestnut and purple...I just know it would look awesome.

To sum up: swoopy, purple, small. I still love Galadriel, my Ashford Traditional, but a traveling wheel would be awesome. I need to start saving up. 

Sock flu

Excited Penny is excited!