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New toy for the bear

For about 2 years now I've been pondering the purchase of a Kindle. This week, things came to a head. Jerry posted about it on Penny Arcade, I wrote a paper about the publishing industry and e-book readers for my Media Studies class, NMT bookstore is going to try and implement e-text books this fall, etc. So I talked to my hunny, and I guess I had a convincing argument, cuz I bought a Kindle! I can't play with it right now since I'm doing my homework (blarg), but right now, and when I'm at work and in class, I'm pretty sure KC Marie is going to use it! I'm not sure Shamu is going to be amenable to always being the book rest though. Maybe if she reads out loud...(she's reading George R.R. Martin's Feast for Crows, by the way.)

A new Sims expansion pack idea

We are family