These pages are full of what makes Penny Penny. Lots of crafts, rants, and fan girling.


So, in case you thought I have been neglecting my knitting, I have some pictures for you. Oh, and a couple of silly stories, too.


I made a Booga Bag last Sunday, but since it wasn't laundry weekend, I couldn't felt it. I finished the i-cord today. After Jino ATE one of my Brittany Birch dpns, I switched to my Addi Turbos and found that wow, I-cord is not as sucky as it had been. My hand doesn't get cramped anymore...feel the love. Turbos rock. Oh, and the Bear is for scale. Here's an action shot, she's pretending she's in a shoe. I think. This weekend is laundry weekend, so assuming we can get the laundry in the car without any complications, I'll have felted pictures on Saturday or Sunday. I think this might be the next thing I make...an Amanda backpack. Especially since I priced making Klaralund (from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Noro book #2) in the requisite Noro Silk Garden, and found that the yarn to make one to fit me would cost around $114 dollars. Not counting the pattern book. I think I'm going to stick with bags for now. I was never really into purses and bags until I started knitting. Now I can't get enough. Sheesh. What a girl. But wait, if I tell you what the Amanda backpack would be for, maybe then it would be okay. It's for carrying around my collection of original Trilogy action figures. Otherwise, I'd lose their little blasters and lightsabers and the bowcaster. Oh, and walking sticks. Don't forget the wallking sticks.

Mike's playing SSX 3. He's pulling some major tricks. When I play the game, I'm not bad, but I'm not great, either. When people are watching, I get nervous and biff it a lot. One day, the game is going to tell me "No. You can't play that character, it's in a full body cast." Or "No, that character is dead. Please choose another." Sometimes, I wince when I see them fall on their necks.

Oh yeah, the funny story I was promising...the hail knocked out our DSL. So I was on the phone yesterday, trying to get support. The guy asked me for my phone number, and I said 406 blah blah.
He said, "That number isn't being used." WHAT?! I'm calling from that number! I'm using it right now!!
"Are you near the border?" MEXICO?! Hell no! "No, we're in the central part."
Notice how I never said the state name. Yes, I was giving him the MONTANA area code. NOT New Mexico. Oops.


Whatever happens, happens