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Universally Cute

When playing twenty questions, I don't ask if it's bigger than a bread box. I ask if it's bigger than KC Marie. Forget feet, meters, and astronomical units, I use KC units!! THE Universal Constant.
Mike got an iPAQ at work today.

I suppose I should tell you about his new job...maybe later. When it's official and I'm less tired. Summary: Mike got an awesome job at EMRTC, and we'll be stuck in Socorro without a yarn store for a few more years. But it's doing what he loves (programming, databases, web stuff) and that's the most important. And he'll get more money, so we can drive to Albuquerque and Village Wools more often. Insert evil laugh here.

I had a chance to go to the laundromat again today...third wash is a charm!! My bag is all felty now, and it stands up on its own. Forgive me, Booga J, I was skeptical. After a good shaving, it's all nice and beautiful. Here it is, in KC Marie units. Click here for Booga Marie in it. FOr reference, here is a link to the post with the unfelted bag.

I still need to shave the strap, and then it's assembly time. Okay, I'm really going to so homework tonight, I swear.

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