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An apology for the internet

Internet, I have a confession to make: I've been using you. Do you feel used? Do you mind being used? Don't worry, I use you for virtuous things...making friends, meeting new people, ordering yarn and knitting books, talking to my family, and showing off how funny my hair looks. I admit it, I use you for attention.

What color is my hair today? It's brown! I got it, um, "color corrected" last Friday because I knew that if I tried to fix it, my hair would end up being green. Or another odd color. It took one color and a set of semi permanent dyes to get it this color. After the first dye, it was this weird shade of light brown with a tinge of green on the top. It looked really cool, like that iridescent nail polish that I love. I wanted to leave like that, but nooo, I have an awesome hairdresser and she wouldn't let me leave like that. Thank goodness. This picture is only the top of my head because the bottom of my face exploded again. Blame it on the finals.

I made my microbiology lab partner a little clutch purse. She's had a pretty rough semester. I used the pattern from Weekend Knitting, only this time I superfelted it. It tooks three times to sew in the zipper nicely, and the third time it only opened two-thirds of the way. I left it at that because I had to finish studying for my Micro final. I took it this morning at 9 am. Poor Mike, at 7 am I was standing in the bathroom, dripping wet with a towel over my head distinguishing between endotoxins and exotoxins. One down, two more and a paper to go.

This is my Jino (note to self: never name an animal/child a name that ends in No!). I am so happy she sleeps in her cat bed. It's right next to our bed, on a ledge in front of a geek load of text books. This picture a bit bright because (duh!) Jino likes to sleep in the sun.

Command decision

Do you know where that's been?