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Why does the spelling of that word bother me so much?

Sometimes I wish I had just stuck with regular school so that I could keep my extensive vocabulary and impressive spelling skills. It used to be that I could spell all kinds of things (not under stress) and words only looked odd if Istarted at them for 10 minutes. Now every word looks weird, and I have to use spell checkers a lot. I think it may have something to do with how often I read. Now, I read ALL THE TIME for my classes and my thesis, but those never have cool words like inchoate. Star Wars books usually steer clear of the yummy $10 words that I have Mike look up for me on the internet. Lately, my new vocabulary is related to the names of bacteria Heliobacter pylori, how I love thee) and genetics. Oh, and prounouncing Escherichia coli is ten times more fun than saying E. coli. Come on, say it, you know you want to. Esch-err-eek-ia coal-eye. See how much fun that was?



I wanted to acknowledge Mike and his help with getting me started on this website. He has done websites that are tons better than this, but Sith Knits was slapped together before school started. Once school is done, maybe then I'll poke around with CSS and fun programmy things like that.



My poncho is done, but it needs to be blocked and edged. I found some neat crochet edgings in the fall Vogue Knitting that look pretty neat. I ordered some Debbie Bliss Merino DK (50% off at Herrschners!) in contrasting colors so that it will look really nice. I haven't decided on fringe yet, it depends on how the crocheting turns out.



I had so much fun on Sunday, I forgot it was talk like a pirate day. (We vacuumed behind the couch and sprayed for ants!! Yay! (or not.) It's too bad I don't feel motivated enough to make this whole entry in pirate-ese. Maybe next year. Do pirates have $10 words? Maybe 2 gold dubloon words? Maybe enterotoxigenic? Tatterdemalion? I think tatterdemalion should be a pirate word, considering the usual state of pirate clothing.


Pattern link, in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Hello Yarn, felted bag with skull and crossbones

Bad Girl (linky linky!)

Everybody Poops