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Boogie Woogie Blues

I'm at work today.
Quit laughing. I mean it.
It's about 60 degrees (F) here in balmy New Mexico, and the ventilation system in my building is broken. What does that mean? It's ~90 degrees in my lab. I am HOT, baby! Especially since I'm wearing my double layer hiking socks. Mike's gonna love my feet tonight.

I'm giving out my information packets to the PhD's I've worked with today. Let's all hope for some extra sweet recommendation letters, shall we?

I'm waiting for my boss to show up, so that I can tell him (again) this is the last week I'm going to be available for laboring. I'm kind of pumped. This job is way too stressful, and I need out! Out out!

I blocked 3/4ths of Mike's sweater this weekend. Sort of as an incentive to finish the last sleeve. I figure doing some seaming will make the sleeves look like a walk in the park.

Good grief I'm hot. Where's my boss? Who needs a 2 hour lunch anyways? Grr...

Yup. I pooped my pants.

Waiting for yarn