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Yup. I pooped my pants.

Quite a few crafters I know are notorious craft jumpers. What does that mean? Well, it means that they can jump from one craft to another with ease. As a child, I wanted my hands in everything pretty my mom was doing. My mom is a craft jumper. And so, by proxy/genes, I am too. I've been thinking about beading some stitch markers, because I hate these nasty flat green ones I've been using. So, as opposed to having a bead store in town, I found one online.

Oh my.

Not only do they have seed beads of any kind you could imagine, and myriads of colors to boot, they have free patterns.
This is my favorite. (this is pretty too)
They have an excellent selection of charms, and oh no. They have gift certificates. Mom, I'm putting in an order. Want anything, or maybe a gift certificate?

So much to knit, and only two hands

Boogie Woogie Blues