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So much to knit, and only two hands

The title of today's entry is what I said to Mike last night when he came to bed. I, of course, have no memory of this incident, just like a lot of my other sleep talking incidents. This one makes sense though. I am verging on sensory overload. With all my working this week, I haven't had much of a chance to knit. Last night we ordered pizza so I had a chance to knit the collar on Mike's sweater and work on the last sleeve a bit more. His sweater fits perfectly so far, and we performed a snuggle test. (He told me he thought I was knitting him a sweater to turn him into a teddy bear.)

My dishcloth cotton still hasn't come in yet, I'm waiting patiently to order yarn for my Clapotis, I'm desperately trying to finish my two commissions...I have an idea for a sweater for my grey alpaca, and I made a list yesterday of knitting projects for this year. I will have to post that later because I'm going to go hike on a mountain that is also used as an explosives test site. Ta ta for now, see you after lunch!

Nope. I didn't get blown up.

Yup. I pooped my pants.