These pages are full of what makes Penny Penny. Lots of crafts, rants, and fan girling.

Nope. I didn't get blown up.

I promised an update after lunch yesterday, but I had a mega asthma attack (cold wind + dry air = bad) and I ended up all shaky and groggy, so I took a nap. Yay naps! I always need some kind of noise going on to help me fall asleep, and lately it's been the Lord of the Rings movies. Oddly enough, I always sleep through the battles.

Now we get to my knitting goals for this year...
· Finish Mike’s sweater. (In time for Feb. Fiber Arts Guild meeting!)
· Make matching cabled gauntlet
· Finish Mary’s hat and scarf, and never knit for commission again.
· Put together Aleja’s Booga Bag
· Small yellow felted clutch
· Finish the purple/grey/black felted bag monster
· Knit a Clapotis
· Make Mom some Possum socks in Cherry Tree Hill Possum Sock yarn. Indian Summer colorway.
· Mariah for self
· Find something to do with piles of grey alpaca (koolaid dyed v-neck?)
· Lots of wrist warmers
· A furry novelty scarf.
· Make Mike a penguin for his desk at work
· Learn how to spin on a spinning wheel. Knit something out of handspun yarn.
· Sophie bag
· Cotton bathroom rug
· Dishcloths a’plenty
· Something out of Koigu

I had an excellent idea for combining my love of yarn and beadwork...I make beaded appliques on plain felt and glue them onto things like bags and CD cases and such. I think beading directly onto a felted bag like Sophie or a clutch would be really cool.
Last night I was kind of banging my head on the wall (gently, because I was tired) and bemoaning the fact I don't have enough time to knit. Well...two more days of work and I'm outta here!! Woo!! Then I can clean up that mess I made with the garbage disposal and the nacho cheese! Believe me, if you ever need to dispose of something, um, gluey, no matter how much water you put down the sink before, during and after, you are going to have a mess. Trust me.

Gooood Morning!!

So much to knit, and only two hands