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Gooood Morning!!

I didn't know that the post office didn't celebrate MLK Jr. Day. I also didn't realize that plumbers do. At least in my town. My land lady has been out of town, and the plumbers have been off, so Mike and I have been getting creative as to what we eat without using any dishes. After 4 days, it's getting a little difficult. I don't have class until 12:35 today, so I'm waiting for the plumber. I hope he doesn't have too many people to see.

Extra good news...I quit my job on Friday! So now I have more time to make things, take pictures of them, and post them here! AFter I do my homework and take my GRE, that is. Last night, I made stitch markers. I under ordered spacers, and since Mike and I have created a self imposed ban on electronics and crafty stuff, I can't make as many as I want. Not the way I want, anyways. 2 days into the agreement I was thinking of ways to amend it, and it's supposed to go until the Ides of March.

The ones on the left are mine, the four in the middle are for my mum's friend, and the six on the right are for mum. I took about 10 pictures, with and without flash, and this was the best one I got.

Funny thought I feel like sharing:
In seventh grade, a girl told me that hamsters have their periods through their nose. I immediately pictured a hamster running around with a maxi pad on it's face (because it's funnier than tampon strings hanging out its nose) and I am eternally grateful we don't have periods out our noses. Aren't you?

The one where Penny passes out from having too much fun

Nope. I didn't get blown up.