These pages are full of what makes Penny Penny. Lots of crafts, rants, and fan girling.

The one where Penny passes out from having too much fun

Classes started this week, and after much deliberation, my class schedule has been decided!
I don't have class Tuesday until 4, or Thursday until 2. Class Monday and Friday mornings, but the afternoons are off. I'm pretty busy on Wednesdays though. The biggest thing was the move of one class from Tuesday to Wednesday, freeing up my Tuesdays for my Fibers Arts Group ritual stuffing and fibering and gabbing in the afternoon.

I went to Enameling today. Holy crap. Like I needed another addictive hobby fto lust after. I made three successful pieces today, but they were still hot when I left, so you won't get to see a picture until next week. I'm already planning pieces and gifts for certain people. You can bet your bippy that I'm going to make my sister an enameled sunflower hair barrette. Oh yeah. I can't wait. I'm a pretty quick study, as I learned 7 lessons of enameling today. There are sixteen for the whole semester. Instant gratification, I tell you. Plus molten glass. It's all good.

Did you know that ladies named Penny don't get wrinkly when they get old? It's true! They start to tarnish and turn green. Here, I'll prove it to you. Here's a closeup, so you can see just how green this green really is.

Need further proof? How about my undying love for crocheted dishcloths?

Not to mention hanging out with ladies twice, even three times as old as I am! I've always been ahead of the aging curve. When I was younger, when I got sick I'd hunch over really bad. I'd get what my mum affectionately calls "The Shelton Hump." Which is pretty much telling me I look like my grandmother. Not bad in all, but who wants an old lady hump when they're 9?

Of course, something that gives away my teenage mentality is the idea I have that killing aliens helps with PMS cramps. I have a hard time choosing between playing Halo 2 and crocheting/knitting. We bought an Xbox last weekend so we could play Halo together. The couple that saves the galaxy together stays together, dontcha know? So while I'm blogging, Mike is playing. And now I have to put away the laptop so I can get in my share of notches on my needler.

Chock full o' nuts and...steroids?

Gooood Morning!!