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Chock full o' nuts and...steroids?

Howdy folks!
I got me a shot o' steroids this afternoon, as my lungs aren't happy and that means I don't sleep very well. Hopefully it will work. We have to wait three days to find out. I already know that it's making me all nappy and gross, like too many shots from my inhaler does. (I almost sound like a druggie, huh? Except I'd rather buy yarn than allergy medicine, much less icky stuff.) 
I finished my purple monster bag on Saturday night, and then I ran to the laundromat so fast that I forgot to take a before picture. 

For future reference, Cascade 220 felts like a mother. It's so sweet. Look ma, no stitches!!

It's two handles, one smaller that the big handle loops into. That's how it closes. Pretty dandy, huh? I don't think corticosteriods are supposed to make you sleepy, but I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open. I need to get up and walk around before I fall over. Ciao bellas!

Knee deep in the Hoopla

The one where Penny passes out from having too much fun