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I've discovered something interesting today while exercising my internal dialogue...my internal dialogue format is a blog. I whine and complain and make observations of interesting things, organize my thoughts into stories, and pretty much just function like my blog is directly connected to my head. It's nice, but probably a little unhealthy. Someone once told me their inner dialogue was talking to Star Trek: Next Generation characters. Thing is, their inner dialogue kind of talked back. Like what would Worf do? And my inner dialogue just kind of sits there. On the internet. For anyone who wants to to see. Not really talking back. 

Sorry if I'm kind of bumming you out...I am super duper hot. Sweat dripping down the back of my neck, on my glasses hot. I'm not hungry, because it's too hot, and the only things I can think of to eat use the oven (like peanut butter cookies!) My skin is all itchy and slippery and doesn't fit right...and waking up with the news yesterday of everything happening in London is enough for a pretty crummy day. Oh, and then you open your electric bill and find out how much money it costs just to keep that one room cool and your cat alive. Grr. 

So anyways, today is my one year blogiversary. I wanted to get a t-shirt that says "I'm knitblogging this" to celebrate, but we need to pay the electric bill, and besides, it's disappeared from Cafepress...so instead, I will be poking my darling husband into implementing two things on my site that I've been wanting for a while: a 100 things about me page, and a links page. Maybe later, I'll get something from the Knitting Mafia. Johnny Five Needles. I'll be laughing here on the floor if you need me!

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