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Angel food cake

I made my first angel food cake today...my Kitchenaid is a miracle! Well, not necessarily a miracle, but I have never seen anything whip 12 egg whites up to stiff peaks so fast, nor have I seen anything make such stiff whipped cream so fast. And the bowl and beaters weren't chilled or anything. So cool.

I have a cooking secret. I have never messed up something that's "hard" to cook. Hollandaise? Check. Not curdled, and done on a double boiler apparatus that was a glass bowl on top of a stock pot. Multiple times. My souffles have never fallen, my angelfood cake was fluffy, my gravies aren't lumpy. Don't ask me how, but a lot of my cooking is damned near miraculous. Are you jealous yet?

Here's our improvised angelfood cake cooling device...


Is there a way to photoshop out kitchen dirt?

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