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This is what happens when you have funding backed by Paul Allen and Bill Gates.

We went to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science this weekend. Kat volunteers there, so we got in for free (thanks again, Kat!)

They have a new permanent exhibit that we hadn't seen yet: Start Up: Albuquerque and Personal Computer Revolution. Let me tell you, this exhibit is sooo cool. It probably helps a tiny bit to have a geeky disposition, but if you've ever used a computer at all it's neat! The little movie, Rise of the Machines, was hands down my favorite part. It was narrated by an Altair 8800, that was positioned behind the screen. There was a whole grid of differing models of computers, etc., behind the screen, and when one was talking it was illuminated so that you could see it. That probably doesn't make any sense, you really have to see it to believe it. As each computer was talking/arguing with another computer, it was illuminated. Sometimes six or seven would be lit up at once. They all had different voices, and the whole film had music from the time period it spanned...they threw in the Star Wars theme when 1977 hit. When it finished, Ben started playing with a knob that was on the armrest of one of the seats (there were only two armrests, one on either side of the room) and a game of Pong started up on the big screen. Mike ran over to the other side of the room and they started playing each other! Whoever designed this exhibit was a genius. I <3 personification.

Also got to see something else that tickled me pink...Dracorex Hogwartsia!


On the knitting front, I am trying something a little new. I know you all have heard of it before, Project Monogamy. I work just a little bit on so many different things that it seems like I don't get anything done! Right now I'm working on a gift scarf, and on Wednesday it will be the only thing I've knit on (besides the sock that stays at work). After that, I'm probably going to do baby knitting, as two of my friends are pregnant and due within a week of each other early 2008! Congratulations ladies!

On the rain slick precipice of baby knitting

Soothing the inner geek (and the outer one, too)