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Soothing the inner geek (and the outer one, too)

I was having a small crisis of geek earlier in the week...and I fixed it! I realized how much I love Star Wars when I heard my phone ringing. It's usually on vibrate, so I don't hear it all that much. My ringtone is Yoda saying, "Mmm, an incoming call you have. Answer it quickly you should." And then I looked at things from CIV, http://starwars.com/video/view/000478.html, and several fan films... go peek! Your geek will giggle and be merry.

Woo! I got my Ravelry invite today! Now I know where I'll be wasting all my time for the next, oh, week. I inventoried my knitting needles at lunch. This serves the purpose of inputting them into Ravelry, and knowing which to buy at 50% off at Bobbies. Oh yes. (My heart is now beating so fast...it's love all right.) Got paid today, so I'm beelining to Bobbie's at 5. I hope the Guild girls haven't taken all the good batiks. Going to have to upload all my pictures so I can put my projects in the list...pictures of my yarn stash...wheee!

I find this automatic tape dispenser perplexing.

This is what happens when you have funding backed by Paul Allen and Bill Gates.

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