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These last two weeks were supposed to be Harry Potter 24/7. Ear infection screwed up seeing the movie, and changed book plans. I couldn't wait until the mail came on Saturday, I had to have the book in my hot little hands shortly after midnight. Jennifer and Mike and I were going to go to Los Lunas to get our books, as no retailer in Socorro was opened past midnight for the last two book releases. Well, Smith's saw the light, and so the three of us puttered around the store for an hour. We listened to all the musical greeting cards, looked at the seasonal stuff, and sat in the display patio furniture for a while. When we next decided to walk around, a line had formed mysteriously at the north door. Which is funny, since Jennifer asked (as soon as she got there) if there was going to be a line or anything, and they said no. So this was a surprise. We asked our friendly manager Ernest about the line, and he said that as far as he was concerned, we were here first. So, at 12:01, when Ernest wheeled out the cart, we were the first to get our hot little hands on the book. I think the people in line were perplexed, but hey, don't be a follower. Just cuz other people are in line for the book doesn't mean there's a line. Socorro is not that organized. We have paper proof that Jennifer was the first to posess the book, and I was second. In the whole town. So cool. Yeah, we didn't get the bracelets that were handed out at Wal Mart, but Jennifer's mom got us 2 sets of them at the Portales Wal Mart. (Thanks Karen!!)

I loved the book! If you didn't like the epilogue, sucks to be you. (Why am I so intolerant of other people's opinions on things I'm so passionate about? At least I have the decorum to not say it to anyone's face...that's an improvement for my brain to mouth filter. As for dirty looks, that's another story.)

Now we need something new to obsess about...Firefly is done, no more Star Wars movies, no more Harry Potter books, and Battlestar Galactica is kind of meh right now. The only thing I can think of is the possibility that there will be a Celebration V. Too bad Mike and Jennifer aren't as fanatical about fiber stuff as I am, otherwise we could do sheep and wool festivals. You can never run out of those!

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I wish every nurse was as good as my sister