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This weekend we finally replaced our faucet. It was all kinds of broken, and you had to turn it off a certain way....and it was getting harder and harder to use. So....last weekend, we had a good coupon for Ace and we bought a new faucet. There was much debating, but I won.

When we're preparing to do a house project, there is much research involved. We're new at the fixing thing, and where electricity and plumbing are concerned, we're super careful. We have books we consult. So when our favorite home repair book said the replacement would take 1.5 hours, we estimated it would take us 3. 1.5 hours later, we were finished. Seriously. Easiest upgrade besides the thermostat so far. I love the long, curved neck. It swivels all the way out of the way. I also really like the separate hot/cold handles...because I only ever use hot or cold. I rarely use warm.

before after

It probably helped that as Mike was under the sink I was telling him about how horrid Pirates of the Carribean III: World's End was. Seriously. I am so glad I didn't pay to see that in theatres.

But putting in the new faucet? Hooray for Team Mike and Penny! 

Real soap

I think I'm turning into a girl